The Kellum Eye Center  

We are dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of your precious gift of sight. We value your trust in allowing us to care for you and your family, using the most advanced treatments available while maintaining a personal approach to every patient.


Refractive Surgery
By using the most advanced and widely used Excimer laser, we offer precision LASIK and PRK to our patients. We concentrate on giving each patient our full concentration instead of trying to race as many patients through as quickly as possible. We would rather have 1 happy and satisfied patient than 10 who are just okay with their results.
Comprehensive Ophthalmology
We are dedicated to preserving and improving sight in our patients. By treating all areas of the eye, we can help patients with diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, age related macular degeneration as well as many other potentially vision threatening problems. We also believe in treating problems not quite as severe, such as refractive errors that may only need glasses or contact lenses.
Comprehensive Optometry
Dr. Lisa Mitchell provides comprehensive optometry services including medical glaucoma, diabetic eye disease management, and specialty contact lens fittings.